Friday, September 13, 2013

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This week:

I've got a fresh set of mat samples!  There's some new colors in there and now a hard-to-misunderstand organization system.  Feel free to peruse for yourselves :)

And say hello to my little friend...

My new R2 unit arrived yesterday & I am happily running air tools like nobody's business.

And also I got a account for the shop yesterday.  I get a lot of comments, questions, quizzical looks, and duet singing partners regarding the music selection here.  It's my kickass ipod on perpetual shuffle.  With my account synced to my ipod, things playing here in the shop are logged right to my tracks page in realtime.  Check my tracklist HERE.

Last week:

Here are some interesting framing projects that came through last week.

36" square Hermes silk scarf in textured blue Jonathan Adler lacquer frame (w/protective corners on for transport)

Chef's jacket shadowbox 

Botero postcard in silver frame w/gray linen liner

authentic 1969 anti-war poster w/Picasso image, prior to framing

poster framed to minimize damage.  dark gray museum rag mat and thin silver wood frame.

anti-war poster before & after

1973 crewel birch trees in original frame

reframed in whitewashed barnwood.  <3
crewel birch before & after

68" long birch painting in plein air frame

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