Tuesday, August 27, 2013


of some recent projects:

The Phanatic, gilded style--

A client brought in a 150 year old heirloom sampler in an antique frame with verre √©glomis√© (reverse painted glass).  This style of framing fell into oblivion in the inter-war era (1915-1945) and was a lost art until techniques were reinvented around 1990 [source].  Cross-stitch samplers were generally done by school girls.  Love the perfection of the imperfections here--missing letters, letters out of order, and this is the first time I've seen one including the Hebrew alphabet, too!  Such a lovely thing to have!

Here it is all unframed.

We reframed using a linen mat with a hunter green bevel accent for depth and drama, and a rounded wood frame with a vaguely greenish tint.

Next up is a very modern wedding shadowbox.  The wedding included a handfasting ceremony.  The client wanted the ribbons displayed, so I made a loose knot as if the joined hands fit inside (also made it slightly heart-shaped there in the center) and splayed the ends out diagonally.  Ribbons were secured with a combination of clear monofilament and stitchery tape.

 The significance of the colors.  I made a pocket on the back of the frame for this note.

Here it is with me fitting the sidewalls.  Most shadowboxes get lined with sidewalls the same color as the background for a polished look.

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