Tuesday, August 19, 2014

15 years of framing

This month I am celebrating 15 years of framing!  (See here if you're interested in the why & how.)  I have loved it all and have a cavalcade of pics to prove it.

Original Picasso pastel in 2001.  Our shop framed 23 Picasso originals for a collector. 

My "office" in Exton, PA 2002
My framing BFF & me.  Decor Expo NYC 2004

It's all this guy's fault.
Managing a high-volume shop with lots of personalities had its moments:  good times :)

And then taking time to slow it down at a mom & pop was pretty great, too :)

Frugal Frames 2006

Original Toulouse-Lautrec charcoal 2010 
But opening a shop of my own in my neighborhood has totally been the highlight.  Love it here.  xo

Opening day at my shop, 2011

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