Wednesday, August 20, 2014

catching up

When the shop is busy, I sometimes neglect my dear little blog :(  If only there was some way to take quick snapshots of work on my table and then share them but with minimal effort . . .

Lol. I have been posting pretty regularly on my instagram/tumblr/facebook.  Here is a collection from the past several weeks.

Angels in chains. Chain-link and other badass frame motifs available here :)
Mexican folk art in Java frame w/orange linen liner

Kids art looking fabulous in watergilded floating frames w/contrast interior

Spoon print in spoonish frame. Recessed w/sidewalls.

Forest nymph in classic champagne gold plein air frame.

Original Japanese art on rice paper. Framed in modern take on traditional bamboo -- segmented gloss black
Drowned print by Jim Houser in white baroque lacquer

Original art super recessed by 8ply mat w/filigree bevel accent in vangoghesque teal lacquer frame

Randall Cunningham box #flyeaglesfly

Line art poppies in floral-toned mats and chunky reclaimed barn wood frame

Signed #MLP #comiccon swag! Shiny purple metal/lime linen liner. Little framing intern was both designer + client

Gift for a dad: family shooting range contest results 

New product! Harriet's Innerwear print by local artist Cee Heard. Framed here in red brick-style frame w/pastel fillet. (print available framed or unframed)

Steve Powers print in blue for a nursery 

Cats playing HHH. Dark mat & vivid frame. Art by The Oatmeal

Art by Desiree Guinn in white floating frame 

Weaving by Bonnie Bacich in finished corner museum frame

1958 portrait paintings by Chilean artist Luis Vergara Ahumada in Ambrosia gold ornate scoop frames

Signed Nick Cave tour poster in new pewter Simpatico leaf-motif frame for client

Signed Wicked poster in vivid green frame. Yes! #perfectmatch

Levitating $2 bill. Framing sleight of hand.

I am also lining up some great stuff in the future.  Be on the look out for some interesting new projects, products, and events on the horizon.  

And most urgently, please VOTE.  There's less than 3 weeks left and we are in 2nd place for Best Custom Framer on the Philly Hotlist!  We can totally do this, people!  Just click the graphic below.

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