Saturday, May 23, 2015

recent projects


Cutie tomato print from @finelittleday -one of a trio of fruit and veggie prints for our spring window! Here framed in white lacquer Bauhaus-style cube frame and recessed w/sidewalls

Original art by @jwoodallartist in minimal white floating frame

amorphous ketubah #handcut

*I would like to point out here that the above was completed here after the couple had asked around several shops in the city to see if anyone could do a handcut mat in this freeform shape.  Most shops only offer computerized cuts where this would be impossible.  Because I entered the business SO LONG AGO, I am trained in this lost art as well as manipulating computer software (see this post).

@phillylovenotes woodcut map glass trap while it was here in the shop

Woodcut map by @phillylovenotes floating in a glass trap w/fab charcoal burl frame--and in situ!
*Spacers were used between sheets of glass, and sidewalls went behind both  sheets to line moulding to the wall.  GREAT project.

Spanish tiles in wide terra cotta -look frame w/linen liner. Tiles are set with silicone on a rigid substrate. Totally reversible. #donoharm

*Below are several pieces in a row of a client's fabulous comic book art collection. Please enjoy!

Cover to Young Avengers #5 by Jim Cheung (Marvel 2005). Inked by John Dell. Framed in black-on-black.

Page from Batman (DC 2005) by Doug Mahnke and inked by Tom Nguyen. Framed in vivid metal w/bright linen liner.

Inked page from Authority #15 by Frank Quitely (Wildstorm/DC 2001). Framed in vivid metal w/bright linen liner.
Interior 2 page splash from Secret Invasion #2 (Marvel 2008) pencil by Leinil Yu. Framed in vivid metal frame w/coordinating bright linen liner.

Giant lovebirds print by @lorazombie in baroque red lacquer!
Bunny Sherlock in ornate gold frame and suede mat.

#Repost @hkrall (Hawk Krall) ・・・ Giant, crazy Broad Street Philadelphia city scene for J Fine Law office done & framed. Thanks @framefatale for the awesome framing job. Will post some detail shots in the near future.
*So honored to frame the above original from South Philly's own Hawk Krall.  Thanks for the shout out, too : )
Boathouse photo in new Zeppelin Art Deco frame

FOUR new frame families arrived just now!

Child portrait in stone-look frame

Original 1967 Monterey Pop Fest screen print in vivid linen liner and tangerine lacquer! spacers and museum glass.
3D message board under glass :)

Nicaraguan toilet art #travel

Before & After: the addition of lime green linen liner! Dare to be bold (esp on biker sexploitation movie posters)!

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