Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Product!

But first:  The shop will be CLOSED on Saturday, July 4th for Independence Day.  We will be OPEN on Sunday, July 5th, 12 - 4.  Happy 4th, guys!

We are welcoming several new frame families to our gallery wall, among them is this featured family: Lille.  

Lille has a rounded mesh panel between two trims and comes in 4 metallic finishes, and 3 sizes.

Here's a great example of it in use.

You frame historians are going to think this is a bit of a stretch, but this style frame, in my opinion, is vaguely Stanford-White-ish.

To be clear, I know that Stanford White frames are VERY ornamental, very complicated, and totally exquisite.  I can see that by contrast, Lille has a clean simple profile, very much like a plein air style frame.  But that mesh detail for me, is a subtle nod to Stanford White's grille or fishscale frames.

Stanford White fishscale [source]

Stanford White grille detail [source]
Stanford White, for those of you unfamiliar, was a turn-of-the-century architect who basically designed New York City.  That's almost not hyperbole.  He and his firm designed many important landmarks in that great city including the Washington Square Arch and the second Madison Square Gardens (demolished in 1925).  He was also the most notable interior designer in the country at the time.  His love of ornament and art led him to frame design.

There exists an interesting 4-part documentary on his frame designs. I have included part 1 for you frame historians below.

Stanford White is a fascinating character from just about any angle, his personal life, notwithstanding.  Those wanting the salacious details may want to read this book.  Then call me so we can talk all about it ;)

But I digress.  Our new frame family reminds me of a certain historical style.  Just a little bit.  Also, the construction of Mr. White's frames often started with mesh over wood, so maybe there's the nod.  At any rate, Lille looks great on a number of styles of art.  Stay tuned on my social media--I have some projects coming up that will illustrate Lille in use.

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