Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i heart my hood.

Mr. Fatale and I moved to Passyunk Square in 2004.  We didn't know a lot about the city and we looked at dozens of houses.  Eventually settled on ours because it was on a clean tree-lined street, in a safe walkable neighborhood, and very near mass transit.  Little did we know that a plan was already underway for making this neighborhood better than we could have imagined.

A great moment of community pride occurred earlier this summer when PARC unveiled the restored singing fountain on Passyunk Ave.  The space was transformed into a really lovely space for everyone to enjoy.  So when a client came in with this gorgeous unique photo of the new fountain by Jeff Dal Porto, I was thrilled!  And I was told the image was purchased at the fabulous store up the street, Nice Things...Handmade--a boutique that sells local handmade gift items created by a legion of Philly crafters.

The framing design for the photo was a collaboration.  I suggested a white circle-cut mat and an orange frame (I will declare orange to be the official color of the Avenue--I'm looking at you, Cantina! ;)  But the client suggested a raised mat, elevating the mat above the art by using a layer of acid-free foamboard, and selected and elegant red maple hardwood frame.  It is a rich orangey color, but not candy coated.  Just stunning.

Seriously, I think everyone in the neighborhood should have one of these.  It has been really exciting time in the hood and worth remembering!

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