Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'd like to take a moment now to talk about something really important:  instagram!

Passyunk Ave Balcony by Adam Wallacavage
Instagram is a free iphone app that very easily puts a variety of retro effects on iphone photos and just as easily outputs them to your flickr, twitter, facebook, and email, and also shares them with your instagram friends & followers.

So, I recently figured out that the shop's ipod can instagram and the world unfurled before me.  People are REALLY into this app.  The images it creates are perfect little stylized squares--little romanticized glimpses at our lives with the suggested permanence of an analog photo.  They really are very precious.

Many interesting ways to display instagram photos have sprung up.  Sure you can show them in a free online gallery, but if you prefer a hard copy to display in you home you can print them as a poster like this:

image via printstagram
and then frame them up like this:

or do a collage wall like this:

or try something like this:

where images are held onto a magnetic surface in a frame!  Images can be easily switched out and rotated.  Instagrams are now easily transferred to magnets!

Not an iphone person but love the effects?  Here is the closest thing I've found to it online and it's free!  Click here

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