Thursday, September 8, 2011


A lifelong friend showed up at the shop with this authentic 1973 theater poster--a birthday gift he'd received that needed framing.  I know nobody asked, but Equus also happens to be one of my favorite plays and this art is fantastic.

The art is in great condition but requires a mat.  Registration marks are visible on the margins and the margins are not equal in width.  I would never have suggested trimming the margins off--whatever monetary or collectible value this poster has would be compromised by trimming.  So a mat was required as far as I was concerned, which would also serve as a platform for the glass to rest on so the glass would not be in direct contact with the art.  And a wide mat would also make the piece more substantial and significant.

Now we just needed to select a frame.  I immediately grabbed for my matte black frames with lines (top 2) to complement the style of the art.

But wait!  What is this other frame on the bottom?  Why that's a style that I received by mistake 2 days before.  (For the record I ordered the right moulding, but this style was picked incorrectly at the distributor.)  This one has a 70s retro feel to it and the lines are running the width of the frame, rather than the length.

And look!  When we put it on the art, the lines were running the same way as the horse's mane.  And it was the *perfect* frame.  And it somehow knew to show up at the shop before the art did.  :)

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