Wednesday, July 25, 2012

dan fox

A client came in with this crocheted piece of her own design.  I immediately respected the work as I am something of a novice knitter/crocheter, myself.  The math represented here boggles my mind.

This is a great take on crochet--love the modern block letters and glittery gold yarn!  And while it is definitely not your heirloom doily, the mounting technique is the same.  The art must be hand sewn to the mat in a few (or several) places; it should be as square as possible and with minimal sag. 

I love the framing design here, too.  We went with a super-saturated vinyl mat in a robin's egg blue for a background color, and recessed the art with sidewalls made from the same color into a slender, elegant silver shadow box.  Modern glam crochet.

Oh, and it was framed as a gift for a certain someone whose name inspired this piece :)

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