Saturday, November 10, 2012


I just found a bunch of gems tucked away on my phone!  I went through a rough patch with cameras awhile ago, but I am glad to see I had the wherewithal to document using my phone.  These were some truly great projects! 

This one, below, is unique because the client wanted it to fill a space over a bed.  The mat was cut with superwide margins on the left and right, and very narrow top and bottom. The effect evokes an Asian scroll.  It works here because though the art is Western, the subject and composition are Asian art influenced.  The frame and fillet (the thin strip of moulding here installed inside the opening of the mat) are Victorian ornate, a nod to the period and culture of the art's origin.

Next is an oversize Egyptian papyrus.  We chose a floating design where the papyrus is mounted on top of the mat to show the rough edges of the papyrus.  The mat is faced in a gorgeous rust colored linen.

And here is a detail to show how we arrived at the framing materials.  The art contains a lot of metallic pigments: variations of silver, bronze, and gold are all present.  Also there are many graphic motifs present, like beads, crosshatch, leaves, and triangles.  The client selected a dark crosshatched moulding with a champagne gold beaded fillet installed inside it.  The piece is finished with museum glass so it looks like there's no glass on it at all.

Below is a set of 4 vintage needleworks by a client's mother.  They are framed boldly in those fantastic candy apple baroque lacquers.  Here they are while they were briefly on my slatwall, but their ultimate home is the client's kitchen :)

And speaking of red, I have to include this great screenprint depicting a fine moment in cinema history, framed in red vivid metal.

And yes, I did save the best for last here.  This is original art by a client:  a gorgeously detailed illustration of artist Frida Kahlo in Dia de los Muertos sugar skull paint.  The red ornate scoop lacquer couldn't be more fitting here.  <3

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