Saturday, November 10, 2012


I have seen many cross-stitches in my day, but never like this.

This is a photorealistic cross-stitch.  A monochromatic detail of a flower, even.  Let me zoom in a little closer so it can be truly appreciated.

Nope, definitely not grandma's sampler.  And I have to tell you I LOVE what's going on with domestic arts Craftivism.  This beautifully executed textile was given to a client as a wedding gift, and the client chose materials to let the art shine.

I have blogged in the past about the framing of cross-stitches.  They get stretched and pinned around acid-free foamboard, and then either framed like a canvas (frame/no glass) for purists, or framed like an art print (frame/mat/glass) for a more contemporary look.  But recently, I have framed textiles in a third way (frame/spacers/glass).  This way allows the art to still look as though it is treated as a canvas, but protects the fibers from the elements while not squishing them.

Here it is with museum glass, finished with a bright white linen liner and a streamlined muted beveled frame.

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